Next Meeting: April 10

2018-04-10 SEPAC Flyer_rev

The Medway SEPAC’s next general meeting will be on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.  Medway’s Director of Student Services, Kathleen Bernklow, and Director of Finance and Operations, Donald Aicardi, will speak with SEPAC members about a variety of topics related to special education in Medway, including the special education funding process and Extended Year Services.

At the April meeting, the SEPAC will also begin the process of electing officers for the 2018-2019 school year by selecting an election coordinator and accepting nominations for officers.  Elections will occur at the May 1 SEPAC meeting.  At the moment, the current board is  only aware of one individual (Lisa Jackey) who is planning to run for any SEPAC Office.  We can’t function with only one person, so PLEASE consider running! See our previous post for more info about elections and officer roles, and contact with any questions.

Additionally, because our March meeting was cancelled due to snow, we have not yet had the opportunity to vote on our updated bylaws.  We will vote to approve/reject those changes at the April meeting, as well.  If you are able, please review the changes prior to the meeting so that we can discuss and vote efficiently.

April meeting agenda

Pdf of April meeting Flyer

Finally, don’t forget to nominate an educator who has been instrumental in your child’s learning this year for our Educator Appreciation Award!



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