SEPAC Board Members Needed for 2018-2019

We are seeking members willing to help lead the SEPAC next year! The SEPAC’s joint functions are to support parents of students with special educational needs and to advocate on behalf of those parents and students. The group can’t effectively work toward those goals without parents willing to step in and help out.  
Officer positions include Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Complete information about the roles of these offices can be found in our current and proposed bylaws.  In summary, all officers work collaboratively to plan SEPAC meetings and events, identify and carry out SEPAC priorities and initiatives (e.g., Educator Appreciation Award, Social Events), and bring parent concerns forward to school district and/or school committee personnel. The Chair is responsible for leading meetings, appointing subcommittees, and communicating with school district personnel.  The Vice Chair advises and fills in for the Chair as needed.  The Secretary keeps meeting minutes and ensures that meeting agendas are posted in compliance with Open Meeting Laws. The Treasurer manages the SEPAC’s finances in collaboration with the School Distict’s Business Office. Typically, the Board meets once a month in addition to the monthly general SEPAC meeting. If you have questions about serving on the board, feel free to ask current officers via this email address.
Elections will be held at the May SEPAC meeting on Tuesday, May 1. Nominations will be accepted beginning at the April SEPAC meeting on Tuesday, April 10.

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